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Faculty Development Grants

The goal of Faculty Development Grants (FDG) is to identify and support high-potential faculty candidates who would contribute to the diversity of their department and field and are receiving offers for tenure-track faculty positions from Cornell units; it is aimed at departments who wish to offer extra research time to the candidate before starting or at the beginning of their tenure-track position.  OFDD funds up to two FDGs a year.

Departments are encouraged to consult with the Office of Faculty Development and Diversity before and during the preparation of an application to evaluate the suitability of the proposed activities. Candidates for FDGs must be nominated by the Director or Chair of the Department or School, who will certify that the candidate is receiving a tenure-track offer.

Departmental/candidate eligibility. A department and candidate are eligible if the candidate is underrepresented in their field and is a candidate for an Assistant Professor position.

Budget. The amount of the FDG is up to $50,000 over a 1-year period. Departments are expected to supplement the grants in order to provide a competitive salary and sufficient research resources. FDG funds may only be used to cover the research expenditures of the candidate and are not to be used to pay for start-up costs. Permissible expenses include:

  • Support for a graduate research assistant or post-doctoral fellow
  • Support for a post doc salary
  • Travel
  • Teaching relief
  • Research relief for modest amounts of teaching experience

Required application materials.

  • Candidate’s CV and reference letters included in his/her application materials
  • Departmental application, including a detailed mentoring plan and budget proposal
  • Supporting statement from the department chair and dean.
  • Evidence of a tenure-track offer to the candidate.

Selection Criteria.  Applications will be evaluated based on

  • Quality of the candidate, as evidenced by his/her CV and recommendation letters.
  • Departmental commitment to the candidate, as evidenced by the department chair’s letter, cost-sharing, demonstration of appropriateness of the salary, the grant proposal, and the depth and quality of the mentoring plan
  • Departmental priority for increasing faculty diversity.


Contact Information

Office of Faculty Development and Diversity
122 Day Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853
Ph: 607.255.6867
Fax: 607.255.4672