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Faculty Workshops

The Office of Faculty Development and Diversity offers workshops and training sessions for Cornell faculty members throughout the year.   If you would like a presentation tailored to your department, please email

Effective Search Practices: Depends on the Lens

Working with the Cornell Interactive Theatre Ensemble, the OFDD holds workshops on effective faculty search practices. Designed for chairs and faculty participating on faculty search committees, the workshop includes:

  • A filmed scenario of a faculty search committee meeting in progress, reviewing potential candidates for on-campus interviews
  • A conversation with the search committee chair
  • A facilitated discussion about participants’ reactions to the scenario
  • A short presentation on the body of social science research that underlies the dynamics of the conversation presented in the scenario, and
  • A list of tools and strategies for conducting an effective search

Effective Academic Interviewing

This workshop addresses different scenarios that can arise during the interview process and their potential impacts on the candidate, department, and the institution. Issues discussed include procedures and policies, legal boundaries, and department and institutional climate.

Viewpoints on Tenure and Promotion

This workshop is offered to tenured faculty and is aimed at highlighting potential roadblocks to tenuring and promoting faculty underrepresented in their field by gender and race.

Hang in There and Be Tough

This workshop offered by the Cornell Interactive Theatre Ensemble stimulates discussion about the following issues:

  • The dynamics of race/gender in the classroom and the attitudes and behaviors that may make the academic environment challenging for faculty and students;
  • The effect of such attitudes and behaviors on individual self-esteem and academic performance;
  • What faculty can/should do in response to the problems of race/gender in the classroom; and
  • The onus of responsibility for the quality of the academic environment with regard to race/gender issues.

To arrange for this workshop, contact Tanya Grove at

Preparing for Leadership 

Led by Jennifer Bol, senior member of Spencer Stuart, an executive search and recruitment firm, this workshop explored the skills, qualities and positions search firms look for when they interview for high level positions, such as  dean/provost/president; how to develop an administrative profile; common missteps candidates make that eliminate them from a pool, and other suggestions. For more information, see notes from the workshop.

Other Teaching Workshops

The Center for Teaching Innovation offers programs for faculty, graduate students and other educators to promote a diverse and inclusive classroom.The Center also developed resources to assist faculty in responding to incidents that may impact learning and the teaching climate.


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