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Cornell University Diversity Dashboard

The dashboard provides compositional data. Please click on ranked faculty for more information about the demographic composition of our faculty.

Cornell University Pipeline Reports

These files are intended to give faculty, and in particular search committee members, detailed information about the gender, racial, and ethnic composition of the pool of PhD candidates in their fields. Each file provides the number and percentage of women and persons of color who were granted PhDs by departments (excluding Cornell) ranked in the top 5, top 10, and top 25 in a field. Data on the pipeline of women PhDs are provided for multiple years and, where possible, by subfield.

Although these files were generated for internal use, we are posting them publicly in the hope that they will be useful to faculty at other institutions as well. A more detailed discussion of this project, the data source, and the methodology is provided in the explanatory notes [explanatory notes].

Special Reports

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