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Faculty Diversity Award

The Faculty Award for Excellence in Research, Teaching, and Service through Diversity recognizes tenured and tenure-track faculty who have made an outstanding impact in research or creative work, teaching and mentoring, and/or service and outreach through diversity. Established by President Martha Pollack and Provost Michael Kotlikoff in 2019, the award comes with a $15,000 prize. Two awards, based on nominations from faculty members, staff, and students, are given annually.

In 2020, the awardees are Maria Cristina Garcia, the Howard A. Newman Professor of American Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences, and Anthony Burrow, associate professor of human development in the College of Human Ecology. For more information, see the Cornell Chronicle story.


To recognize and reward distinctive, outstanding, and sustained research or creative work, teaching/mentoring, and/or service/outreach that advance diversity at Cornell University. Diversity is broadly defined as the variety of cultures, world views, values, and personal experiences that may result from differences, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, national origin/immigration status, gender, age, religion, abilities, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, and gender identity.


The award recognizes outstanding accomplishments and general impact in any or all of the following areas:

Research or Creative Work

  • Advancement of new knowledge or creative work that advances understanding of diversity/inclusion in the nominee’s field of study and/or has the potential to improve the quality of life among underrepresented groups in the nominee’s field of study.
  • Engagement in innovative research that enhances our understanding of diversity and improves access and opportunity.


  • Development and implementation of effective strategies for teaching that advance the education of students from underrepresented groups; activities can include innovative classroom instruction and advising (undergraduate or graduate students).
  • Mentoring undergraduate or graduate students who are members of groups which are historically or currently underrepresented in their field and/or whose background and experiences contribute to campus diversity.
  • Creating curricula that enable the development of student intercultural competence to navigate today’s global and multicultural realities.
  • Implementing effective strategies/policies that address barriers preventing the full participation of students from historically or currently underrepresented groups in higher education and the professoriate.


  • Promoting the professional and/or academic advancement of underrepresented group’s in the applicant’s field as well as their well-being.
  • Enhancing diversity and equal opportunity through activities such as recruitment and mentoring of faculty and students.
  • Participating in exceptional sustained committee or administrative service that has significantly enhanced policy or processes that advance the principles of equity and inclusion.
  • Crucial contributions to campus culture, practices,  or programs that have had a demonstrable and important effect in helping the campus achieve achieve diversity and inclusion.

Contact Information

Office of Faculty Development and Diversity
122 Day Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853
Ph: 607.255.6867
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